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On some years the Committee hand out the Marijan Petrovic award in honor of a great member of the club who sadly passed away. The Award is offered to the most enthusiastic, active new club member who gives back with an attitude of "what can i do for the club?".

Club history

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The Hangmore Motorcycle Club Inc was created by 5 keen sport bike riders in Victoria back in the winter of 1999.

The organizing group had a deep passion for motorcycling in all of it's aspect. Track days, road rides, the whole package had to be there. Pushing the limits, driving the soul.

The early days were in fact a bit of a dream, to create a sports bike club where any brand of bike could join, an idea to find others who would share the same vibes, the forever ending search for freedom and exhilaration that comes from riding a sports bike the way it was meant to be ridden.

Regardless of displacement, anyone who is keen on the aspect of sportsbikes is welcome at Hangmore, the only thing we don't have in the club are Cruisers (there are just too many of those clubs already).

Where did the name come from I hear you ask??? Two of the founding members of the club got it's name from a private joke. You see FredR1 used to get riding tips from JoeyR6 to improve on his exuberances on the Great Ocean Road. Joey always used to say "You're doing great, you’re getting good drive into the turns and all, but you got to throw your body in the corner a bit more, drop that shoulder and most of all hang more". Those last 2 words were the key of it all and in passing FredR1 once replied "If you ever become a riding instructor Joey you should call your school "Hang More Motorcycle Technique"

Once Mark 916 had come up with the idea of the sportsbike club, the name was an immediate now you know why. The club is now fully established and has grown from nothing to a great entity. The strength of Hangmore is in it's members, because at the end of the day you only get out what you put in. The main attraction to the club for many is the easy going safe atmosphere that gets promoted at all our events.

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