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Member: paid official member.
Non-member: someone trying out the club.
Facebook users can be either.

Do I have to be a member to ride?

No. You can come along to 3 calendar rides unless marked "member only" or else join us at a social gathering. Its a try before you buy situation.


When a ride is added to the Calendar it has been reviewed and "committee endorsed". In addition there are pop up rides to be found on the Lounge and on Facebook.

Prior coming on any ride

Read the etiquette and turn up on a bike that is fit for riding and ensure you are too. Simply, you must be licensed, legal to ride and your bike is safe. Ensure you arrive with a full tank of fuel and on time.

Rides for Members

Members can attend any ride. Some require bookings. If the text states requires a booking you will need to contact the secretary. Otherwise the calendar page and the Lounge are the go.

For more details please read this FAQ pdf

Safety Notes

Ambulance cover

We recommend it.

First Aid

First aid trained? Please advise club member


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Group Riding Etiquette

The club is hoping to impart a little bit of wisdom learned over the years in regard to riding in a group situation, with some do’s and don’ts of group riding. This guide is aiming to help everyone enjoy a FUN and SAFE ride. The following points will be described in detail in the PDF below but these points are a good quick guide:

• Ride your own ride; keep to your own pace.
• Corner Marking: Second rider corner marks, does not leave till TEC arrives.
• If leader is regrouping, do as they do (e.g. leave helmet on)
• Staggered formation: right wheel track, left wheel track (in transit sections).
• Keep to your side of the road.
• Never overtake on the left in same lane or overtake at high speed.
• Check your mirrors.
• Kick riders through when they are indicating to overtake.
• Everyone fills petrol tank at the same time.
• New riders to the group are recommended to start near back and move forward.

PDF of full requirements - compulsory reading

We have club members from all levels of experience, from learners through to experienced riders and rider coaches. Our policy is that all riders ride AT THEIR OWN PACE. As a club, the rider leader would rather wait for the less experienced riders than have to help you pick your bike up off the ground. Please don’t worry about your pace stopping you from coming along for a ride. What we generally find is that everyone finds their place in the club and they quickly build their skills and experience. The Club also recommends that you wear appropriate safety gear for the riding you will be doing (e.g. leathers are recommended for proper twisty road riding, where as Kevlar Jeans are appropriate for a Social ride into the city). Gloves and boots are recommended for all riding conditions.

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